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You’ve Got Dental Questions, We’ve Got Answers!

added on: June 13, 2018

We know dentistry can be confusing, but at our Wilmington dental office, we want to make sure all our patients are comfortable coming to us if they have questions. We’re always happy to answer or clarify anything. In fact, in this blog, we want to talk about a few questions we hear a lot.

“Why are dental visits so important?”

The reasons behind regular visits with your dentist are much more broad than simply ensuring your teeth are cavity-free and getting those pearly whites cleaned and polished. Dental checkups are usually conducted every six months so we’re able to keep an eye on any potential problems and catch them before they become or create more serious issues. Most dental disease can be treated easily if caught early, so that makes regular appointments incredibly important. If you’re at increased risk for certain problems, like oral cancer or gum disease, we may recommend visits more than twice a year.

“Is it a big deal if my gums bleed when a floss?”

If your gums bleed at all, with or without the floss, you should get to your dentist in Wilmington as soon as possible. Bleeding gums are not normal, even though it’s often overlooked if the bleeding occurs while flossing. Sometimes, people even stop brushing or flossing if they feel the bleeding is caused by that alone. Typically it’s not. Bleeding gums is a key sign of gum disease and should be checked out so treatment can begin. Some other signs of gum disease are inflammation around the gums, red gums, or gums that appear to be pulling away from the teeth.

“I know smoking is harmful to my teeth. What about smokeless tobacco?”

Just because smokeless tobacco doesn’t have the smoke doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. Using smokeless tobacco may lead to gum recession and permanent damage to gum tissue, tooth discoloration, bad breath, and even cancer. If you do use smokeless tobacco, make sure to keep up with regular dental visits and keep an eye out for sores that don’t heal, a white spot or lump, or if you feel it’s become difficult to chew food. If you notice any of these issues, contact your dentist immediately.

If you have a dental question, give our dental office in Wilmington a call. We’d love to have you come in for a visit to talk about your concerns and get your questions answered. We strive to ensure each and every patient is educated, comfortable, and in good health.

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