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Neuromuscular Dentures and Relines

Let Your Wilmington Holistic Dentist Help

with Dentures and Relines

As your biological and holistic family dentist in Wilmington, we feel it’s our duty and responsibility to our patients to explain and educate our patients about all of the advanced, innovative treatments we offer. We do this for two reasons:

1) All About Smiles takes dental care one step further, showing you how it’s intrinsically linked to what’s happening elsewhere in your body.

2) You deserve an honest oral health partner who truly wants to help you, educate you, and guide you down the path for an enlightening journey towards total body wellness. 

We want to talk with you about getting dentures in Wilmington and how we can create a new smile for you that’s more comfortable and more durable than you ever imagined false teeth could be.

What are Neuromuscular Dentures?

Did you know that much of the technology and techniques used to create dentures actually predates the formal discipline of dentistry? Some of the ideas and philosophies have been passed down through generations as dated dental health wisdom. That’s where neuromuscular dentistry and how it relates to creating the perfect pair of dentures comes into the picture.

Neuromuscular dentistry is a way of seeing your entire mouth as a series of complex, connected parts that all have to work together harmoniously so that your jaw and teeth function optimally. You might not even think about it as you go about your daily routine, however, all of these things play incredibly vital roles in how you function and live a healthier, happier life:

  • Nerves
  • Muscles
  • Bones
  • Teeth
  • Soft tissues

All of these oral health components rely on one another, influencing how they function. Neuromuscular dentures are customized with the specific goal of creating dentures that are the perfect, most precise fit, for you to ensure proper function and a comfortable fit for dentures you’ll want to wear. 

What Makes Neuromuscular Dentures Different?

If you’re considering Wilmington dentures, you’ll want to continue to learn more about our exclusive neuromuscular approach to creating and fitting them. Your holistic and family biological dentist in Wilmington will use something called transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation or TENS that encourages your facial muscles to give themselves a relaxing massage. We can fit your new dentures or reline your existing dentures to fit correctly, independent of your misaligned bite or other oral issues attributed to wearing ill-fitting dentures. 

Using our innovative technology and training, we’re able to more accurately and efficiently measure your mouth and jaw for dentures that fit perfectly. We can measure the activity present in mouth muscles so that your new dentures can effectively match your dentures to the natural resting position of your bite.  We can then use TENS to stimulate your jaw muscles before taking more accurate measurements and impressions of your teeth. 

Stop worrying about needing dentures or dealing with discomfort that your current set causes you. Let the team at All About Smiles show you how comfortable and confident you can feel wearing dentures thanks to our extensive training in the benefits of Neuromuscular Dentistry. There’s so much you need to know about today’s dentures and relines. To learn more, message us or call us today at 302-239-1641.

Find out how we make neuromuscular dentures the perfect fit for you and your smile!

Change your life in a way you never thought possible.