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Healthy Start System in Wilmington

The Smart Way to Help Wilmington’s Small Smiles

Grow up Healthy

What if we told you your child’s health problems could all stem from how they sleep? Or more particularly — how they’re breathing when they’re sleeping? The Healthy Start System is one way your biological and holistic family dentist in Wilmington is ensuring our littlest patients are healthy and happy.

The first step in getting them the advanced dental care they need (and deserve) is to learn more about Healthy Start and how it’s been used for years to help children of all ages breathe easier and have a smile that’s straighter and more functional.

What is Sleep Disordered Breathing?

Also referred to as SDB, sleep disordered breathing is an umbrella term for issues your little one might experience while trying to get a good night’s rest. They can have a slight snore to more complicated nighttime breathing issues that negatively affect their sleep patterns. Healthy Start is aimed at tackling SDB in children and giving them the restful sleep we all need to stay healthy and make the most of each day in a positive way. 

You might be wondering what Wilmington biological and holistic family dentistry has to do with sleep, but as it turns out the reason some children can’t rest right is because of how the teeth are positioned, causing excessive mouth breathing because of airway obstruction in the nose or throat. SDB has commonly been linked to teeth that are:

  • Crowded
  • Crooked
  • Misaligned

The doctors at All About Smiles rely on their modern technology and innovative training paired with the sophistication of the Healthy Start System to help guide little teeth into a more comfortable, functional position while also developing their growing jaw.

Is Healthy Start the Right Choice for My Child?

These are just some of the possible side effects that are a direct result of SDB or not getting the right amount of sleep. It affects how your child grows in terms of both their oral and overall health. We know you always want what’s best for your family and their smiles, that’s why we recommend the Healthy Start System. Does your child suffer from:

  • Excessive daytime drowsiness
  • Restless sleep
  • Teeth grinding
  • Frequent headaches
  • Snoring
  • Mouth breathing
  • Asthma
  • Nightmares

Your child can begin treatment in the Healthy Start System after we create custom, comfortable oral appliances that are soft, yet durable and easily removed. These devices are specially designed for your little one and their teeth to help guide them into a more desirable, healthy position for growth. We can ensure their lower jaw grows properly too with positive arch expansion for an increased chance that permanent teeth will erupt perfectly into place. 

Depending on how old your child is when they begin the Healthy Start System, they might be fitted with a habit corrector, a second phase appliance to be worn at night, and a final phase device that’s designed to work with their incoming permanent teeth. 

If you think the Healthy Start System might be a good fit for your family, make today the day you talk to the doctors at All About Smiles. We’re happy to walk you through the process and answer your questions.

Healthy Start is smart (and so are you)! Talk to us today to learn more.

Ensuring our littlest patients are healthy and happy.