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LANAP® Laser Therapy in Wilmington

Changing The Way We Treat Gum Disease


You finally stop hitting snooze on your alarm, jump out of bed, and head to the bathroom. You groggily grab your toothpaste and toothbrush. After a good cleaning, you rinse only to see a bowlful of red water. It’s your gums. They’re irritated and bleeding.


Later in the day, at lunch, you take a bite of your favorite sandwich. As you start chewing, you notice that your gums are still feeling tender and it’s kind of difficult to enjoy your food. You’re in pain and literally left with a bad taste in your mouth.


The bad news is: it could be gum disease. The good news is: All About Smiles in Wilmington is here to help with a special kind of laser therapy that’s designed for accelerated healing and incomparable comfort.


What is LANAP?

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure or LANAP uses a high-tech laser for complete periodontal “surgery” — but without a scalpel or stitches. The laser is so gentle and effective that there are very minimal side effects and downtime. (This means you’re back to work or school quickly and painlessly.)


Conventional surgical treatments will cut into and remove infected gum tissue using a scalpel, requiring stitches. This usually requires some type of local or even general anesthesia to help minimize any discomfort. The LANAP laser requires just a small amount of local anesthetic, has no stitches, no scalpels, and very little bleeding — if any.

Is LANAP Safe?

So many patients are afraid of having dental work done or being in pain, so LANAP makes sense as a highly effective, efficient treatment method. The procedure is safe for our patients who have health issues such as diabetes, heart conditions, HIV, hemophilia, and will not interact with prescription or over-the-counter medications. Patients who’ve opted for this kind of gum disease treatment will see long-lasting results and quick recovery times. It takes much less time than traditional surgery to complete and has a faster follow-up process.


At All About Smiles, we’ll work with you to assess your level of gum disease, determine what other conditions could be causing it, and how it can have negative effects on the rest of your body. We urge you to please call our office if you or someone in your family thinks they might have gum issues. Talk to us about how eating a well-balanced diet, brushing, flossing, quitting smoking, regular visits to our office, and LANAP can help keep your gums and your body free of disease.

Gum Issues? Let's discuss a more gentle treatment with LANAP.
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We are changing the way that we treat gum disease through the use of gentle, effective laser therapy.