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What’s one thing you would change about your smile? What about your total body health? Everyone has something. And as we age, it seems like the answers to these questions grow longer and longer. That’s why it’s important to make today the day you commit to complete oral and overall health with holistic treatment from All About Smiles in Wilmington. Dr. Lewis Yu believes your teeth have a deep, direct connection to your whole being — the philosophy at the very heart of our specialized, integrated kind of dentistry.

A Complete Connection We Understand

Would you trust your car to a mechanic who’s never actually worked on a car? Would you leave your kids with a babysitter without any childcare experience? Probably not. Your smile is no different. Everyone in our office has been in your shoes when it comes addressing their own oral and overall health issues. That’s why when recommend a treatment for you, you can take comfort knowing it comes with years of experience and knowledge. Together, we can focus on restoring a natural wellness to your oral health that translates into more balanced, complete you.

Your Holistic Dentistry Therapy Will:

  • Address gum health to help rid your body of infection and inflammation
  • Use non-invasive TMJ treatments to help end your headaches and other jaw-related pain
  • Employ only biocompatible restorations to keep your body free of dangerous toxins
  • Always be mercury-free
  • Improve so much more than just your smile

An empowered decision is an informed, sensible choice. At All About Smiles, you’ll always have the knowledge and understanding to do what’s right for you, when the time is right for you. No matter what you need, we’re always here to help.

A Naturally Healthy Smile

Your Wilmington holistic dentist has the proper training and technology to address various symptoms of dental disease differently. You won’t just get treatment from us, we’re going to work with together to discover the actual cause of your oral health issues. Your mouth is more just a set of teeth in term of holistic or biological dental care. We see it as a window that gives a better view about how to naturally improve your whole body health.

Some of the key symptoms we look for and focus on commonly include:

  • Decaying or deteriorating teeth
  • Gum disease or inflammation
  • Jaw pain or bite issues
  • Misaligned teeth
  • The presence of mercury fillings

Whether it’s been years since you’ve seen the dentist or your checkup schedule is current, we want to help you. There’s never any pressure or judgement — just the care you want at a personalized pace that works for you

A Partnership For Life

Holistic dental care goes well beyond just doing what’s right for your teeth. That’s why we collaborated with a trusted and renowned group of strategic partners ranging from chiropractors to fitness professionals. As a group we can address and treat all of the changes you aspire to make to your smile and your body. We go out of our way to make sure you’re comfortable during every step of your holistic healthy journey.

It’s never too late to make a change.
Contact us today. Feel better tomorrow. (302) 600-1165

It all adds up to better health, smile, body, and spirit!