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Family Holistic Dentistry in Wilmington

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Smiles of All Ages

Family. This word means a lot to Dr. Lewis Yu, Dr. Grace Liu, and the team at All About Smiles. Sure, we all have families that love us at home, but we also have a family at our Wilmington biological and holistic dental office that’s just as special. 

Early Education and Prevention

You simply can’t make the right dental decision for yourself or your child if you’re not informed. You don’t need a dentist who tells you what to do without explaining why or trying to find the underlying reasons behind your dental health issues. There’s always a connection to the rest of your body in terms of our mouths, and we believe that to be true no matter what age. 

We start seeing young patients at the age of one. The earlier we can detect issues with your family’s smiles, the greater the likelihood we have to fix them in a way that’s natural and minimally invasive. We believe that prevention is the best medicine and will help keep teeth healthy enough to last a lifetime.

Your Family Dentistry Advantages

Your family has doctors that they trust and rely on, so why not want the same for your dentist. As biological and holistic dentists in Wilmington, we take pride in getting to know family members and their smiles on a personal level that goes beyond just sitting in the dental chair with us working on your teeth. Having us as the family dentist everyone in your household loves means:

  • Professional care for children to elderly patients
  • Saving time and energy with all the care you need in one convenient Wilmington location
  • We are familiar in working with kids and understanding their unique needs
  • We have the ability to make patients of all ages feel comfortable under our care

When you find the right family dentist, you’re giving the gift of good health to your children. They learn to build an ongoing relationship with their dental health provider that can last a lifetime. 

We Do What We Do for You

Finding a skilled family dentist like Dr. Yu and Dr. Liu means they’re trained on a wide range of dental procedures. We take it one step further to bring the powers of biological and holistic dentistry to your family too. This means we care about both your oral and overall health and the deep connection between the two — no matter what age. As family dentists we:

  • Provide a comprehensive oral examination
  • Clean your teeth to perfection
  • Conservatively restore deteriorating or decaying teeth
  • Transform smiles with naturally beautiful cosmetic treatments

As we mentioned before, prevention is also key in family dentistry. We want to stop harmful issues or habits before they have the chance to hurt you and your smile.

Are you ready to connect your family with our family at All About Smiles? Contact us today online or give us a call at (302) 600-1165. We can get you set up for dental success that will make your whole family smile. 

Family dentistry you can feel good about.
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