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Your Morning Ritual

added on: February 2, 2017

Getting out of bed in the morning can be hard. The alarm rings and you hit snooze. Then you hit it again. We have all done it. But this year, maybe there is a way to make getting out of bed something to look forward to while also decreasing stress, and giving you an emotional, physical, and spiritual jump-start for the day – a morning ritual! “But,” you may say, “I have a morning ritual. I brush my teeth, wash my face, eat a wholesome breakfast. I even go for a quick run before I shower and dress for work.”

Not so fast. That is a morning routine, not a morning ritual.

A ritual is a deeper level of self-care, one that focuses on loving yourself, preparing emotionally for the day, boosting your happiness quotient.

How do you quick-start a morning ritual? It’s truly not that hard at all.

Five Things to do Before You Get Out of Bed:

  1. Express gratitude
  2. Set your intentions for the day
  3. Take five, deep, long breaths
  4. Smile for no reason
  5. Forgive yourself for yesterday’s mistakes

These are super easy, take just a few minutes, and can get you started moving toward your own, more involved and personal ritual.

The Benefits of a Morning Ritual

According to Amy Crawford, founder of online wellness hub The Holistic Ingredient, a personal morning ritual can:

  • Boost your focus, productivity, and happiness.
  • Give you control of your day.
  • Lift your mood, every morning.
  • Start the day with achievement.

Now isn’t that a wonderful way to show yourself some love this new year?

Planning and Incorporating Your Morning Ritual

Think a morning ritual has to be complicated? Think again. (Try the “Before Your Get Out of Bed suggestion above if you doubt us on this.)

  • Start by setting your alarm a few minutes earlier than usual for the next couple of mornings. Even setting your alarm five minutes earlier a day is helpful.
  • Go to bed at a time that will give you enough full sleep cycles to get you rested. This handy sleep cycle calculator can help you choose a bedtime that fits perfectly with waking up.
  • Consider buying or making something special to eat or drink that might tempt you out of bed and make you feel a little pampered. While you are enjoying your new exotic tea and coconut macaroon, start writing down a few other things that make you happy or that you think will improve your health and wellness. Have you been wanting to meditate? Start journaling? Add yoga to your life? Get outside more? Anything can be added to your ritual time as long as it leaves you feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to face the day. We love the simple but effective sun salutation because it doesn’t take long yet uses all of your major muscle groups. Check it out here:
  • Write down exactly what you want to incorporate in your morning ritual. A written reminder not only keeps you from forgetting your goals, it also serves as a way to make you accountable to yourself.
  • Now time your new morning ritual. Will it make you late for work? Don’t want to set your alarm that early? Trim and tweak until you get the timing just right. The ritual should decrease not add stress!
  • Since you have been steadily setting your alarm a bit earlier every morning, you should be ready to wake up with enough time – and look forward to that alarm going off.

For more morning ritual tips or other ways to discover a new you in 2017, please give our Wilmington dental office a call at (302) 600-1165. All About Smiles, is here to help you get the most out of your smile – and your life!

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