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What You Should Know About Holistic Dentistry

added on: February 14, 2017

All About Smiles is proud to be Wilmington Delaware’s choice for holistic dentistry. But what does that mean exactly? For us, it means that we focus on more than just your mouth and its symptoms. We see you as a whole being and your symptoms as parts of possible systemic issues. That means we do more than offer oral care, we can guide you to making lifestyle and dietary changes, encourage wellness and prevention, and help you find alternatives such as supplements or homeopathic remedies that can improve not only your oral health but also your overall health.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

At All About Smiles, we think it is important to focus on what is right instead of simply fixing what is wrong. We spend a lot of time on preventing problems before they start, encouraging your body to heal itself with minimal intervention, and avoiding and removing toxic or risky therapies. Many of our therapies are completely noninvasive. And because taking care of your mouth helps you take care of your body, and vice versa, we encourage general well-being and better nutrition as much as we encourage oral health. Our primary goal is to ensure that all our services worked in harmony with your body.

A Healthy Partnership

We are not here to judge you for your choices. Neither are we here to dictate to you about how you should care for yourself. Instead, we like to think of ourselves as your Wilmington health partners, sources of information and education as well as guides to ideal health.

What to Expect

Even holistic dentists want you to brush, floss, schedule cleanings, and take care of cavities and gum infections. Just because we offer some alternatives doesn’t mean we are going to wave feathers over you or have you chew on some herbs and declare your smile perfect. In fact, we even offer cosmetic treatments because we believe that confidence is a big part of your overall feeling of health!

What you can expect from our holistic dentistry is what we mentioned above – care that optimizes your smile, your body, and your life.

Our dental services include:

Most of these services don’t look very different from what you might find in a conventional dental practice. We think that what makes us really different is in the details – like providing nutritional counseling, helping you use and benefit from probiotics and botanicals, integrating functional medicine into our practice, offering safe mercury amalgam removal and detoxification, and stress management programs.

If you are interested in taking major steps toward improving your health while you improve your smile, please give your Wilmington holistic dentist, Dr. Lewis Liu, or any of our team members a call at (302) 600-1165. We would be happy to share our All About Smiles approach and philosophy with you today!

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It all adds up to better health, smile, body, and spirit!