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Wilmington, DE Biological Dentistry Defined at All About Smiles

added on: February 24, 2023
All About Smiles in Wilmington

Wilmington biological dentistry, or holistic dentistry, is becoming more and more widespread and popular across the Delaware Valley. More people than ever are asking Dr. Lewis Yu and Dr. Grace Liu about how they can be more health-conscious, especially regarding their oral health and how it impacts their overall health. 

Here are some essential things to know about biological dentistry in Wilmington and how to schedule an appointment with our experienced holistic dentists.

What is Biological Dentistry?
Are you confused by the term “biological” or “holistic” dentist? Don’t be! Essentially, this form of holistic and biological dental care is the same thing. They just have different names that are used depending on the context. At our holistic dental office in Wilmington, we use them interchangeably. 

According to the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine, a biological dentist understands that the mouth and body are connected and that illness or disease that occurs inside the body is reflected orally and vice versa. Factors like stress, diet, and sleep patterns directly impact oral inflammation and infection.

Holistic dentistry is the practice of diagnosing, preventing, treating, and maintaining oral health using natural therapies. Your Wilmington biological dentist assesses a patient’s entire state of physical and emotional health before deciding on treatments. There’s a lot more to it than simply taking care of your smile!

Choosing a Biological Dentist in Wilmington
We hope you’ll come to All About Smiles for your holistic dental needs. We offer a variety of services aimed at total oral health and overall wellness with a unique approach to dental care that you’re sure to find refreshing. Let us help you learn more about:

We’d love to meet with you and see what your needs are. Our friendly team takes pride in making new and returning patients feel at home at every visit. Please never hesitate to stop and ask questions if you’re unsure or want to learn more about something related to biological dentistry in Wilmington. New patients are welcome to give us a call at 302-600-1165 to schedule your hassle-free consultation. 

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