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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Connection Between TMJ and Your Sleep

added on: January 11, 2023
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Are you constantly dealing with sore facial, head, and jaw pains? Is there a popping or uncomfortable feeling when you’re speaking or chewing? These could be potential warning signs that you need to talk to a biological and holistic dentist in Wilmington about your temporomandibular joint or TMJ

Located on either side of your face, just below your ear, this joint links your jaw to your skull and can cause TMJ pain and TMD, a common disorder marked by discomfort and dysfunction. While so many things make your jaw pain worse, most people don’t even think about sleep. Let us show you how these two can go hand-in-hand. 

TMJ Can Be Difficult to Diagnose Correctly

Did you know that the National Institutes of Health estimates that over 10 million Americans have TMD? Dr. Lewis Yu and Dr. Grace Liu have years of experience helping patients navigate their TMJ issues. Because there are no standard tests that are useful in diagnosing bite disorders like this, it often relies on collaborative, integrative care, as we offer at All About Smiles. Together, we can give you a chance to feel what it’s like to live pain-free with enhanced wellbeing. 

Through advanced technology and digital x-rays, you’ll find how our gentle, non-invasive TMJ treatments through neuromuscular dentistry can change everything. Your tired, aching jaw muscles will benefit from relaxation, where we can determine the exact, correct position your jaw needs to be in for optimal function and comfort. From there, you have options such as a custom orthotic (mouthguard) that we’re happy to discuss with you. 

Sleep Apnea and your Jaw Pain

We see a lot of patients in our holistic and biological dental office in Wilmington who struggle with sleep apnea. According to the National Sleep Foundation, this potentially deadly condition affects nearly 22 million people across the country. Research has also found that almost half of all sleep apnea patients show some TMJ dysfunction. This can occur because of airway collapse causing your body to automatically respond by pushing your jaw forward. This constant push and pull cause your jaw muscles to become tense. TMD symptoms are also known to get worse when you’re not getting enough sleep. It’s a vicious cycle! Sleep apnea and snoring negatively affect your quality of sleep and life while also increasing your likelihood of jaw pain.

If you’re not feeling your best, talk to us! Call All About Smiles today for a hassle-free consultation where we will listen to your concerns and find the best solution possible for you. There are options, and we show you how easy it is to get the care you need to have optimal oral and overall health in Wilmington. 

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