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Where Can I Find Safe Amalgam Removal in Wilmington, DE?

added on: July 2, 2019
SMART Certified

Our holistic dental office in Wilmington is proud to be one of the area’s leading providers of SMART (Safe Mercury Removal Technique). The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) says that all silver-colored or dental amalgam fillings are made up of about 50 percent mercury. Unfortunately, mercury can be highly toxic and poisonous, causing unwanted health hazards. Even though numerous countries across the world have already banned or limited the use of metal fillings, amalgam is still used in some global regions and right here in America.

Let’s take a little bit of a more in-depth look at how amalgam fillings can do more harm than good to your oral and overall health. We’ll also tell you how All About Smiles safely removes mercury in the comfort of our Wilmington holistic dental office.

Is it Safe to Remove Amalgam Fillings?

As word spreads about how dangerous mercury can be, more and more patients are asking about having their amalgam fillings permanently removed. Dr. Lewis Yu and team will tell you that it’s best if you consider removing this harmful substance from your body as soon as possible. Mercury vapor can be continuously absorbed into your body over time. Scientists have found links between dental mercury and the following health risks:

– Antibiotic resistance
– Alzheimer’s disease
– Autism spectrum disorders
– Kidney disease
– Multiple sclerosis
– Anxiety and depression

If you have dental mercury or amalgam fillings that you’re concerned about, maybe it’s time you talked to the team at All About Smiles.

The SMART Way to Remove Mercury

Like we mentioned earlier, our team is certified in safely removing amalgam from your smile using something known as the SMART technique, following the highest standards possible for amalgam removal as created by the IAOMT. This way, we can ensure that both you and everyone in our holistic dental office in Wilmington is safe.

As a certified and licensed SMART provider, Dr. Yu will:

– Use something called an amalgam separator to collect dental mercury waste before it has a chance to contaminate the office’s regular wastewater system.
– Ensure your treatment room has excellent filtration in place to remove mercury vapor and amalgam particles from the air.
– Wear special protective clothing, gloves, and a facial shield along with you, our patient, to provide for the utmost protection.

We hope you consider removing your amalgam fillings and any potentially dangerous dental mercury from your mouth. Dr. Yu and team will go out of their way to make sure the entire process is pain-free and extremely safe, every step of the way.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our holistic dental office in Wilmington for advice or to schedule some time to come and talk to us about your options. Make today the day you take the first step in getting your smile healthy! (You’ll wonder why you didn’t call sooner.)

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