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Lip Cancer Update From Our Wilmington Holistic Dental Office

added on: July 11, 2019
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One of the best reasons there is for seeing your Wilmington holistic dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning is so we can see if there are any visible changes to your mouth and your teeth. This gives us the ability to spot issues early and develop a course of treatment.

This is especially vital when we’re looking for possible symptoms of oral cancer. The earlier we detect a problem, the easier it is to complete treatment. Today, we’d like to take a moment to talk about lip cancer: what it is, the symptoms you can look for, and how to treat it successfully. It’s just one of the many different things your holistic dentist in Wilmington will look for when you come to the office for your visit with us.

What is Lip Cancer?

Lip cancer is a type of oral cancer that can develop when you have abnormal cells that start to multiply rapidly before changing into tumors or lesions on and around your lips. Lip cancer generally affects your something called squamous cells that are thin and flat. These types of cells are found in your
– Lips
– Cheeks
– Throat
– Tongue

According to the Mayo Clinic, Lip cancer can occur anywhere along the upper or lower lip but is most common on the lower lip.

What Can Cause Lip Cancer?

There are a few common risk factors that can contribute to lip cancer, but with some healthy lifestyle choices, you can help avoid these things that can increase your odds of developing some form of lip cancer. They include:

– Stopping or avoiding cigarette use
– Stopping or avoiding a smoking tobacco pipe
– Avoiding heavy alcohol use
– Protecting your lips from the sun with sunblock or a hat
– Minimal use of tanning beds

What Happens if You’re Diagnosed with Lip Cancer

At our Wilmington holistic dental office, we’re always on the lookout for anything suspicious when we’re checking out your mouth. The good news about most forms of lip cancer is that it can be cured as long as it’s spotted early on before it has a chance to grow or spread.

The National Institute of Health says oral cancer accounts for about two percent of all cancers diagnosed across the U.S. each year. They also stress the importance of early detection, saying the five-year relative survival rate for people with a localized disease when they’re first diagnosed is 83 percent compared to only 36 percent of patients with metastasized cancer.

We hope learning a little more about lip cancer can help you understand why it’s so important to come to our holistic dental office in Wilmington for your regular dental checkups and cleanings. It gives us the chance to talk about any possible issues you’ve noticed and have a look at your mouth to help ensure you’re cancer-free, for life.

If you have any questions about scheduling an appointment or want to learn more about how holistic dentistry can help your smile, please don’t hesitate to give the All About Smiles office a call. We’re happy to talk with you and even schedule a convenient, comfortable visit with us!

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