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Is Mouth Breathing Bad?

added on: November 7, 2018
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Your Wilmington Holistic Dentists Set The Record Straight

Because we practice holistic dentistry in Wilmington at our All About Smiles office, we don’t look at a patient’s oral health as something that’s separate from overall health. We believe in the power of the oral-systemic connection that links everything together and, while research is still ongoing, several recent studies show that a direct association exists between diseases that appear in your mouth and chronic diseases along with inflammation elsewhere in your body.

What does all this have to do with mouth breathing? Read on to find out!

What is Mouth Breathing?

Your holistic dentists in Wilmington will tell you that breathing through your mouth isn’t always a bad thing. There are times when it’s downright necessary to make sure we stay alive and that our body is getting the oxygen it needs to function correctly.

Think about when you push yourself during your daily workout or when you’re fighting a cold with terrible congestion. This is when mouth breathing is essential. Most healthy people use both their mouth and nose to breath, but other people tend to favor breathing through their mouth which can lead to complications. Problems often arise when someone breathes from their mouth consistently or even only during sleep. Children and adults run the risk of damaging their teeth, having growth issues, developing lousy breath, and worsening of other illness side effects.

Why Breathing Through Your Nose is Best

Your nose and all that it does for your body is actually pretty cool. It acts like a filter and a humidifier to help the air that you breathe be debris free and healthy. Your nose contains an elaborate filtration system consisting of your nose hairs, adenoids, sinus mucous membranes, and turbinates. These scientific-sounding parts of your nose are what helps keep bacteria and germs from making you sick all the time. When you breathe through your mouth, your chances of catching the nasty stuff is significantly decreased and your chances of getting sick skyrockets.

Nose Breathing Nuggets

FACT #1: Your nose moisturizes the air your breathe to prevent dry lungs and bronchial tubes.

FACT#2: Your nose also warms up the air before it hits your lungs.

FACT #3: Your nose gives you increased oxygen uptake to help lungs stay strong.

Breathing through your nose is best for your not just your oral health but your overall health too. You can rest assured knowing that your body is getting the right amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide that is utterly essential to maintaining excellent health.

And don’t forget about the benefits of taking deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth whenever you’re feeling stressed. Through meditation and deep breathing, you can counteract the effects of anxiety and depression that can also make us feel ill. You can change your overall well being by just taking five minutes each day to clear your thoughts and focus on taking deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

If you or someone in your family is struggling with mouth breathing, please consider calling our holistic dental office in Wilmington. We can take the time to speak with you about your issues and decide what steps to take to get you feeling better and breathing healthy again.

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