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How to Eat Your Way to Healthier Gums

added on: October 22, 2019
healthy bowl of greens and sweet potatoes

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, about 64.7 million American adults were struggling with mild, moderate, or severe gum periodontitis, which is a more advanced form of gum disease. That’s over half of all the adults in America, having some kind of gum disease.

At our Wilmington holistic dental office, we know how important it is to catch gum disease early. We also understand and approach dentistry with your total body health in mind. Your mouth is a mirror to and is directly connected to what’s going on with the rest of your body.

Over the years, studies how found that having a balanced diet can play a big role in having healthy gums too. Let’s take a look at some wholesome, nutritious foods you can eat that are good for your body and your smile.

Fish – Salmon and other fatty fish contain minerals and vitamins (like Vitamin D), that is extremely good for you and your teeth. Try selecting oily fish such as salmon, herring, or mackerel. (We all know quite a few fabulous restaurants are serving up delicious fish dishes in and around Wilmington. Why not check one out?)
Greens – Green smoothie anyone? Delicious leafy greens such as baby spinach, broccoli, kale, microgreens, collard greens, watercress, cabbage, and romaine lettuce. These greens are all bursting with folic acid, calcium, and other minerals and vitamins your smile and your body craves.
Nuts – Both nuts and seeds that are rich with omega 3s are actually thought to be a natural anti-inflammatory and help to fight against the adverse effects of gum disease. Try including some healthy pistachios, sesame seeds, or even macadamia nuts into your diet.
Chicken/Beef – Grass-fed, organic chicken, and beef both contain something called collagen, and it works really well to ward off gum disease. If meat is part of your regular diet, you’ll want to make sure to add lean cuts of these to your menu. Your mouth will thank you!
Sweet Potatoes – You might have heard about the many health benefits that sweet potatoes bring to the table. And the good news is for you and your Wilmington holistic dentist is that they can help fight gum disease. Sweet potatoes contain beta carotene that’s an essential nutrient your body needs to keep your gums healthy.

How Can My Holistic Dentist in Wilmington Help My Gums?

Like we said earlier, the key to getting gums healthy when the disease is present it to catching as early as we can. Our state-of-the-art holistic dental office in Wilmington relies on a cutting-edge treatment technique called Ozone Therapy. We can help get rid of your periodontal disease using ozonated water that’s flushed below your gum line.

Ozone Therapy can easily:

  • Clear away infection and bacteria including to cure and heal gums, ear infections, and sinus infections
  • Kill infection that might otherwise be difficult to get at such as during root canal treatments
  • Improve circulation in the jaw muscles
  • Support bone regeneration
  • Inactivate or kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi
  • Aid healing by improving blood supply

To learn more about how we can help you and your gums stay healthy, please call All About Smiles in Wilmington. Dr. Lewis Yu and the team is having the expertise, training, compassionate care to help you get the dentistry your smile deserves. We’re holistic and dedicated to treating you as a person, not just your smile.

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