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Doing These 3 Things Can Improve & Enhance Your Invisalign® Experience

added on: October 3, 2019
clear dental aligner

There’s something special about every Invisalign® case we meet at our holistic dental office in Wilmington. It’s because this treatment truly transforms and changes lives. We see it so often, but the results and genuine joy we see in patients’ faces when they complete treatment never gets old. 

More and more patients are choosing Invisalign® for a straighter, healthier smile, and it’s easy to see why. These clear aligners are backed by:

– 20 years of research

– 900+ patents

– The world’s largest 3-D printing operation

– Data from six million smiles

All of these things, combined with comfort and convenience, make Invisalign the world’s most advanced clear aligner orthodontic system.

When you meet with our team to discuss your orthodontic options, we hope Invisalign® will work for you or someone in your family who wants to fix their smile. If and when you’re ready to proceed with treatment, remember these three tips to help make your Invisalign® experience more comfortable and enjoyable!

Tip #1 – Storage Wars

One of the biggest benefits Invisalign® has over traditional metal braces is that you can take your aligner out when you eat and brush. Your Wilmington holistic dentist will tell you that it’s super important to make sure you properly store your aligner when it’s outside of your mouth. You’d be amazed at how many people say their aligner was there one minute and simply gone the next. Sometimes it’s the family dog’s new chew toy, or it ends up with a one-way ticket to the local landfill. Store your aligners away safely to avoid damage. 

Tip #2 – Food Rules

Maybe this tip should have been first because it’s important. Never eat any food or drink any beverages with your aligners in. We know that it’s easy to sip your coffee and forget or eat your lunch in a hurry without thinking. Food and bacteria can get stuck in your aligners. They can get grimy, discolored, and difficult to clean. 

Tip #3 – Hold Up

Sometimes when you switch to a new aligner, it can take a day or two to adjust. You might want to consider making the change over the weekend to avoid discomfort at work or school. 

We have helped so many patients like you get rid of their crooked, gapped, or misshapen teeth thanks to innovative Invisalign® technology. These revolutionary clear aligner trays are changing the way your Wilmington holistic dentist straightens smiles. Is it your turn? We think so! Please don’t hesitate to call the All About Smiles office to schedule a consultation. You deserve a healthy, straight smile. We’re here to help you get there!

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