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Can Holistic Mental Health Treatments Help Me?

added on: September 10, 2018
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Because All About Smiles is your holistic dentist Wilmington, we care about making sure you’re healthy – beyond just treating your teeth. Your oral health and overall health are deeply connected. Your mental health is also a huge part of the equation.

A recent article in the Orlando Sentinel found that more and more patients and health practitioners are turning to holistic treatment for serious mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.

This news couldn’t come at a better time! The National Alliance on Mental Illness says that one in 5 adults in the United States experiences the effects of mental illness at some point in their lives. One in 25 of those adults is living with serious mental illness. The study also shows that 18 percent of American adults have anxiety disorders with depression being the leading case of disability across the globe.

More and more patients are seeking a solution that doesn’t involve taking prescription medication. We see it more and more in our dental practice and across the entire spectrum of integrative medicine. Doctors are looking a patient’s life as a whole by examining everything from diet to personal and professional relationships.

While medication can have its benefits for treatment, there’s a lot you can learn about yourself and your illness by looking at the bigger picture and treating issues holistically.

It’s important that you look how much sleep you’re getting, how much exercise you do, and what kinds of foods and beverages you’re putting into your body. Whether we like to admit it or not, all of these things are big factors in how we feel every day.

The All About Smiles team wants to be supportive of your mindful holistic health journey in every way we can. If there’s any way we can help you directly or help you find the right person who can, please don’t hesitate to contact our holistic dental office in Wilmington.

Sometimes alternative treatment such as therapy can be a life-changing experience for someone who’s been struggling with anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic disorders. We’ve seen it do wonders for people by giving them clarity, guidance, new perspective, and hope. The more you do to keep your mind and your entire body healthy, the longer you’ll be able to make the most of each day.

Don’t let your worry or any perceived stigma about mental health treatment dissuade you from getting the help you need, or at the very least talking to someone who’s always available to listen. All About Smiles can help you learn more about holistic health and making the most of all of the many benefits integrative medicine has to offer you and your family.

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