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Your Wilmington Holistic Dentist Talks Tongue Scraping

added on: February 3, 2021
tongue scraper

Have you ever tried tongue scraping or Jihwa Prakshalana? This Ayurvedic ritual is a way to remove unwanted residue from the surface of the tongue. Your holistic and biological dentist in Wilmington recently stumbled upon this article and thought it might be a good idea to talk with you a little bit about how tongue scraping works and why it’s effective at helping to maintain proper oral health.

If Tongues Could Talk

While you’re asleep at night, there’s something happening on your tongue that you might not even be aware of. Your body’s digestive system doesn’t go to sleep, instead, it stays busy removing toxins from your body, leaving these things on the surface of your tongue:

  • Bacteria
  • Debris from food
  • Fungi
  • Dead cells
  • Toxins

By removing these things with a tongue scraper, you’re ensuring they don’t get reabsorbed into your body.

Why Tongue Scraping is Better Than Brushing

Sure, it doesn’t hurt to brush your tongue when you’re doing the same to your teeth, but scraping is even more effective at getting rid of bacteria and toxins. While brushing is great for your teeth, your tongue might need a little bit more help to help you stay healthy. Did you know that over half of the bacteria in your mouth right now are on your tongue?

It’s beneficial to scrape your tongue for many reasons, including to help keep your tastebuds healthy. This means you’re going to enjoy food more because you’ll actually be able to taste it. What’s even better about tongue cleaning and scraping is that it will boost your immunity — something that’s more important than ever. Your Wilmington holistic and biological dentist will tell you that the immune system’s first line of defense is your tongue.

How Do I Do it?

Tongue scrapers are available online and in stores. Your best bet is to purchase one that’s made of metal. It’s easy to get started. Simply stand in front of your mirror and hold both sides of your scraper. Slide it down your tongue in one long stroke to remove any buildup. Wash it and continue the process until your tongue is thoroughly cleaned. It usually takes anywhere from five to ten scrapes to be properly effective.

If you have questions about tongue scraping, don’t hesitate to talk to us during your next visit to our Wilmington holistic and biological dental office. We’re your biggest supporter and partner in having optimal oral and overall health and wellbeing.

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