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Why Some People Think Holistic Dentistry is More Painful Than Stepping on a Lego

added on: March 2, 2021
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Is it you? Is it someone in your family? Maybe it’s a neighbor? Or how about someone you know from work?

What is your holistic and biological dentist in Wilmington trying to find out? Is there someone in your life that has a genuine, deep-seated phobia or fear of the dentist? Are they terrified that their experience is going to be filled with discomfort or pain? It’s a legitimate fear that should never be made fun of or belittled.

The Numbers Don’t Lie (And Your Wilmington Holistic Dentist Won’t Either)

We care about all of our patients and their overall emotional well-being. Part of being a holistic and biological dentist in Wilmington means we don’t simply stop at teeth; your entire body matters to us — including taking care of patients with real phobias and fears.

If you think someone who says they’re afraid of the dentist is simply stretching the truth, there’s a good chance they’re struggling with something much more severe than a little anxiety. Here are some recent Dentophobia statistics for you to chew on:

  • Over 75% of adults experience dental anxiety or fear
  • Pain is a top reason for dental fear
  • There is a field of psychiatry devoted to dental phobia
  • Past negative dental experiences contribute to dental fear
  • Sometimes the sounds and smells in a dental office heighten fear response
  • Feeling helpless and embarrassed also makes people fear a dental visit

As you can see, dental fear is very real for so many people or greater than 75 percent of America’s adult population.

What’s There to Be Afraid of?

Let your Wilmington holistic and biological dentist go over some of the most common reasons why patients can be too scared to schedule a visit or have dental work done, including:

Fear of pain – This is what we based this blog on, and people avoid seeing the dentist because there’s a real fear of something causing them pain. The truth is, so many patients have toothaches that are way worse than any sensation you’ll experience in the dental chair. Fear of pain makes people too anxious, causing them to avoid seeing their holistic and biological dentist in Wilmington. Dental procedures are nowhere near as painful as you think they’re going to be. There are so many ways we can help you feel nothing but total relaxation and happiness.
No control – Some patients simply can’t stand to sit still in the dental chair, feeling restrained when they’re unable to move. There’s also apprehension associated with someone poking around inside of your mouth. It can lead to an out-of-control feeling that makes it uncomfortable and impossible to get the dental care you deserve.
Bad experiences – One lousy time in the dental chair as a child can lead to a lifetime of avoiding the dentist at all costs. Unintended pain or a treatment mistake can make it impossible for someone to schedule an appointment.

Comfortable, Non-Threatening Holistic Dentistry in Wilmington

Our team goes out of its way each day to create a soothing, stress-free experience for you at our holistic and biological dental office in Wilmington. We give you all the time in the world to get to know us as we get to know you, understanding your individual needs and concerns. You can talk with us safely about your fears, as we show you all the ways we’re here to help you. Schedule a hassle-free consultation and let us help you face your dental fears.

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