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Why Dental Hygiene Cleanings Are Essential to Your Health

added on: October 6, 2020
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If you think your teeth are the only things that benefit from your dental hygiene appointments with your Wilmington biological and holistic family dentists, you might be in for a little surprise.

We’ve said it in our blogs before, and we’ll say it again here, your mouth and what’s going on inside of it acts as a mirror to your overall health. This means issues that are occurring within your mouth are affecting your body elsewhere and can be linked to some serious diseases.

What is a Dental Hygiene Cleaning Like?

As your biological and holistic dentist in Wilmington, we believe in the prevention of oral health problems rather than treating each individual issue as they occur and moving on. We strive to keep your teeth healthy and free from dental problems, and when something unwanted does occur, we get to the bottom of why it happened instead of saying you need a root canal and sending you on your way.

Our dental hygiene cleanings are completed in total comfort by our talented team of highly skilled professionals who have the training and technology to help your smile feel and look its best. Following a soothing deep cleaning and pain-free polishing, your dental hygienist will go over some additional steps you can do at home, in addition to regular brushing and flossing. Every six months you’ll come back for another clearing and comprehensive dental exam.

What Can I Do At Home to Help My Smile Stay Healthy?

There’s no doubt that your oral and overall benefit greatly when you keep our smile in good shape and come to our Wilmington biological and holistic family dental office on a regular basis. Most of our patients understand that brushing twice a day at home along with flossing once is crucial to your oral health. However, it can be easy to “go through the motions” and not thoroughly clean the many areas of your mouth. Practicing proper brushing (two minutes every time) will help you remove harmful bacteria and experience fewer dental issues compared to other patients.

Don’t forget about nutrition and how the foods you eat affect your smile. Monitor your nutrition and diet for foods and beverages that contain high amounts of sugar and begin to cut back on your consumption. Sugar is very good at:

  • Harming your tooth enamel
  • Giving you cavities
  • Creating the right environment for gum disease

Want to make your smile happy? Consider adding foods that contain an elevated volume of water — carrots, celery, and green peppers will do the trick.

Do you need to schedule a dental hygiene cleaning with us? Are there lingering oral health questions you’d like to ask your Wilmington biological and holistic family dentist? Please request an appointment online or simply give us a call!

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