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Why Choose a Wilmington Holistic Dentist?

added on: February 8, 2022
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2022 is the year more and more patients are seeking help from biological and holistic dentists in Wilmington at All About Smiles. You see it everywhere as people become more health conscious, beyond what you see in dentistry. Let’s take a moment to explore some of your biggest benefits of choosing us as your dedicated dental family.

Oral and Overall Health: Making the Connection

Over recent years, studies have shown that oral bacteria and severe inflammation that can sometimes accompany periodontal or gum disease are also attributed to other health issues. What conditions are being linked to oral health? Here are just a few:

  • Cardiovascular disease – Your heart can be directly affected by what goes on inside your mouth. Some research has shown that clogged arteries or even strokes could be somewhat caused by oral inflammation and bacteria that are left untreated or misdiagnosed over time. That’s why it’s essential to keep up with your routine visits at our Wilmington biological and holistic dental office.
  • Pneumonia – Believe it or not, certain oral bacteria can actually end up in your lungs, according to studies. This can sometimes lead to complications from pneumonia or other respiratory illnesses.
  • Pregnancy – Expecting mothers should note that gum disease or periodontitis has been linked to premature birth or low birth weight.

Always know that a holistic or biological dentist will focus on balancing bacteria counts in your mouth to improve your teeth and gums.

All Composite, No Amalgam

We make it our mission to take your entire wellbeing into account at All About Smiles. We go one step further by providing safe and effective mercury amalgam removal, also known as SMART, where biocompatible materials and tooth-colored fillings are used to restore your damaged teeth, and your overall health is protected from possible mercury damage.

Let Us Introduce You to Ozone

In our office, we use ozone treatment that’s simply a form of oxygen – with three oxygen molecules instead of two – or O3. The name ozone, not surprisingly, comes from ozein, a Greek word that means “to smell!”

But ozone is not only the amazing smell that comes before a storm, a major component of smog, and the protector of our stratosphere. Ozone can also be produced and used in therapeutic ways, including as a natural antibiotic.

Ozone can kill bad bacteria and leave healthy bacteria behind to continue to keep you and your smile strong. We rely on ozone therapy to:

  • Clear away infection and bacteria, including to cure and heal gums, ear infections, and sinus infections 
  • Kill infection that might otherwise be difficult to get at, such as during root canal treatments
  • Improve circulation in the jaw muscles
  • Support bone regeneration
  • Inactivate or kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi
  • Aid healing by improving blood supply

There’s so much to learn and discover when you come to our Wilmington biological and holistic dental office for outstanding service and treatment that you never knew was possible. We welcome you to call or message our office at any time to ask questions or schedule an appointment with our caring team of dental professionals.

Learn More About Your Dental Health with All About Smiles!

It all adds up to better health, smile, body, and spirit!