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What to Look for in a Holistic Dentist 

added on: September 1, 2023

Holistic dentists provide an alternative to the traditional conventional methods of dentistry. Oftentimes, both dentists are trained at the same schools and have the same license to maintain per state regulations.  

The holistic approach emphasizes how dental care is not only beneficial to your mouth but to the rest of your body as well. Oral health conditions can contribute to respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia, as well as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Holistic dentistry adheres to the standards set forth by the American Dental Association, despite its differences from the conventional approach. 

What Does a Holistic Dentist Provide?  

Holistic dental care providers approach oral health in a way that is connected to one’s overall health. Many providers opt to specialize in taking preventative and proactive approaches to issues such as periodontal disease and cavities. Instead of going straight towards traditional medicines and procedures, a holistic dentist will use their knowledge and expertise in natural treatments to provide care. When necessary, traditional techniques can still be used. 

The holistic approach encourages personal oral hygiene responsibility, including flossing, brushing, nutrition, and even homeopathy. Similarly to conventional dentists, holistic providers provide education about oral health and how to best care for your teeth at home between appointments. Oftentimes, holistic dentists differ from traditional methods when it comes to fluoride treatment and amalgam fillings and implants.  

Questions to Ask Your Holistic Dentist 

When screening potential dental providers, these are some basic questions that can open communication and provide the patient with insight into the holistic approach. 

  • How would you treat gum disease? Nonsurgical approaches to gum disease include lasers that help to remove lingering bacteria.
  • What are your thoughts on fluoride? Many holistic dentists provide alternatives to common fluoride treatments, such as natural options like calcium phosphate. 
  • Should wisdom teeth always be removed? This teenage rite of passage is sometimes needed to prevent crowding, though in some cases, wisdom teeth may have enough space to be properly positioned.
  • What type of technology do you use? Just because a dentist takes a holistic approach, this doesn’t mean that they don’t take advantage of technological advancements that help to diagnose and treat oral health conditions.
  • What services do you offer? This question can provide a wider view of whether the holistic dentist offers services that are in line with the patient’s goals and preferences. For instance, some may not offer root canal therapy and instead recommend extraction.

Holistic Dentistry in Wilmington, DE 

Whether you’ve been a patient of conventional dentistry all your life and are seeking information on the holistic approach or you are seeking a comprehensive holistic dental provider, All About Smiles welcomes patients of all ages. Dr. Lewis Yu and Dr. Grace Liu are committed to complete health and wellness, placing specialized attention on how oral health contributes to the whole body.

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