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The Evolution of Biological Dentistry

added on: April 25, 2024

Sometimes referred to as holistic dentistry, functional dentistry, or integrative dentistry, biological dentistry is a form of treatment that diverges from conventional practices in that the patient’s overall health and wellness are considered.

This whole-body approach is becoming increasingly popular, as many patients prioritize biocompatible materials and ensure that they’re treating the underlying root of the issue instead of just the resulting symptoms.

The History of Biological Dentistry 

Weston A. Price is often referred to as the father of biological dentistry. Price noticed that many of his patients were suffering from tooth decay, which was usually accompanied by other issues within the body, such as arthritis, diabetes, chronic fatigue, and osteoporosis. Through his research, Price resolved that dietary habits are foundational to the health of a patient’s teeth.

In 1978, the Holistic Dental Association was founded to guide patients who felt left behind by conventional dentistry and to provide educational opportunities for holistic practitioners.

As technologies have advanced and concerns have been raised about the dangers of mercury and other toxic chemicals, patients have become increasingly concerned about what goes into their bodies. Dentistry doesn’t need to be done in isolation; instead, it should be practiced with the patient’s health in mind.

Today, biological dentistry focuses on being as minimally invasive as possible. Patients are treated using biocompatible materials and are empowered to take an active role in their oral health. This patient-centered approach emphasizes education and continues evolving in unison with medical and dental advancements.

How Biological Dentistry Differs from Conventional Methods 

In biological dentistry, dentists recognize that what goes into the oral cavity can affect the entire body. That’s why they are committed to using safe, non-toxic, and biocompatible materials, such as porcelain fillings, as opposed to outdated amalgam alternatives.

Biological dentistry often provides patients with less invasive and natural alternatives. Instead of resorting to a root canal, a holistic dentist may recommend ozone therapy to promote healing and minimize the trauma caused by a surgical procedure.

Patients of a holistic dentist may also receive additional education on how diet can help maintain healthy gums and teeth. Nutritional counseling may be offered to help patients make informed decisions that support the oral microbiome and promote overall well-being.

Family Biological Dentistry in Wilmington, DE

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