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The Basics of Myofunctional Therapy

added on: May 8, 2023
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Complex dental issues can be concerning, whether it be finances, fear of treatment, or lack of confidence in your smile and mouth. However, there are treatments available for complex dental and oral concerns. One advanced treatment option is myofunctional therapy, which can be critical for maintaining and improving overall oral health.

Why Is Myofunctional Therapy Needed?

Breathing is critical for life, and improper breathing or uneven breathing patterns can lead to a host of dental concerns. Some of these include sleep apnea, snoring, TMJ disorders, head, neck, and jaw pain, as well as more complex concerns like upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS). However, with children, these symptoms may be less noticeable at first and can include sleep issues, nightmares, bedwetting, teeth grinding, snoring, headaches, and excessive daytime sleepiness. If your child is experiencing the above, they may be a strong candidate for myofunctional therapy.

What Is Myofunctional Therapy?

All About Smiles is equipped to treat pediatric breathing and dental concerns utilizing myofunctional therapy techniques. As a safe and non-surgical option, this therapy works to strengthen breathing and mouth function by working the muscle in the face including those in the jaw, face, and tongue. It works to decrease mouth breathing and strengthen muscles, resulting in nasal-primary breathing, closed lips, increased tongue movement and fit within the mouth, as well as proper swallowing patterns.

What Does Myofunctional Therapy Involve?

As a non-operative treatment option, MT does not involve any surgical or technological procedures. Rather, it is a set of mouth, jaw, and neck exercises that will increase muscle tone to enhance breathing. Initially, you will meet with your dental team so that they can assess your child’s current dental concerns. From there, if your child is a candidate, your dental team will begin to set up a muscle workout regiment. Generally, these exercises should occur around five to ten minutes, twice a day, for around 6-12 weeks. Throughout the treatment duration, your dental team will meet with you and check in on progress, or make exercise adjustments if needed.

Full Mouth Care With All About Smiles

As a holistic family dentistry practice, All About Smiles works to address not only concerns with your teeth, but rather all health concerns that relate to oral care. If your child isn’t getting the quality sleep they deserve, contact us today for a myofunctional therapy consultation!

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