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Natural and Holistic Approaches to Dental Care: Beyond Traditional Dentistry

added on: November 13, 2023

Many holistic dentists began at traditional practices and are fully trained, certified, and experienced in how to optimally treat a variety of oral health concerns. If you’re considering making the switch to a holistic dentist, it’s key that you understand the difference in approach. Holistic dentists perform many of the same procedures, such as cleanings and fillings — they’re just done with biocompatible materials and an emphasis on the mouth-body connection.

Holistic Techniques Versus Traditional Methods

Holistic dentists will opt for a non-invasive course of treatment whenever possible. If a patient can avoid recurring oral health issues, such as cavities, with changes to their diet and routine — this is often going to be the healthiest and most minimally invasive option. These alternative, more conservative actions are the first line of defense.

Using biocompatible materials, such as ceramic, glass, and resin, results in significantly less risk of toxicity when compared to amalgam and metal fillings. They’re also more natural-looking and help to preserve the natural tooth structure. Mercury-free dentistry takes advantage of these biocompatible materials to protect both patient and doctor and to provide a healthier solution that poses no risk of mercury toxicity within the body.

Another holistic treatment is ozone therapy, which is an effective method for treating tooth decay. This painless procedure can be used as an alternative to intense dental procedures, such as root canals, and may even lessen tooth sensitivity. This safe treatment option is used to reverse early signs of decay and can treat infections in the mouth.

Why Patients Choose a Holistic Dentist 

As holistic dentistry continues to rise in popularity, patients may begin hearing about this option from friends, family, or via reading about it online. Patients who are used to traditional dentistry may be apprehensive about whether holistic methods will be as effective. 

Instead of focusing solely on the issue at hand, such as filling a cavity or treating gum disease — a holistic dentist will strive to get to the root of the issue. Holistic dentists broaden their mission to take care of the patient by evaluating other factors that may be contributing to their oral health. This involves discussing a patient’s medical history, lifestyle habits, diet, and maybe even their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Patients who are concerned about mercury exposure, X-ray radiation, and the use of fluoride often seek out holistic options. However, even patients without these concerns can benefit from the emphasis placed on the relationship between mouth and body.

Your Holistic Dental Care Provider in Wilmington, DE

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