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Is Celiac Disease Bad For My Teeth?

added on: February 13, 2019
celiac disease woman gesturing refusal of offered bread

Have you or has someone in your family recently been diagnosed with celiac disease? This chronic digestive disorder affects nearly 18 million Americans who have some non-celiac sensitivity, according to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. It’s important to let your Wilmington holistic dentist know that you have a gluten intolerance so that we can be on the lookout for changes to your oral health.

What Should I Know About Celiac Disease?

Before we talk about how celiac disease can affect your smile, let’s discover what the disease is just in case you’re someone who is reading that may be unfamiliar with its symptoms and side effects. It all comes down to gluten which is a type of protein generally found in barley, rye, and wheat. If you have celiac disease, your body will create a strong immune response if it suspects gluten is present. Unfortunately, this response is bad news for the villi that live inside your small intestine and help it to absorb nutrients. Your body is unable to function properly when it’s not getting the right nutrients it needs and if left untreated celiac disease can cause ongoing attacks to your small intestine. Some common signs of celiac disease can be tiredness, bloating, and troubles with your stomach.

It’s very important to get the help you need to treat your celiac disease as soon as possible to avoid future damage to your body. You’ll most likely have to cut a lot of foods you’re accustomed to eating out of your diet for good, so you should consider working with a dietician to help you figure out a food plan to keep you on the right track to a healthy, balanced mind and body.

Why Does Celiac Disease Hurt My Teeth?

If you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease and you’re due for a visit to your holistic dentist in Wilmington, he might look for signs of something called celiac teeth. Just like the rest of your body, celiac disease can deprive your teeth of the important minerals and nutrient they need to stay healthy and free from decay. We’ll be on the lookout of some of these signs:

– Teeth that are growing translucent in appearance

– A dry, burning tongue

– Discolorations and spots on your teeth

– Chips and cracks in your teeth

– Dental enamel defects

– Delayed dental development

– Frequent canker sore outbreaks

– Soft tissue damage

Patients of all ages can experience the effects that celiac disease can have on teeth, so if your child is struggling with this disease it’s important to make sure you monitor their oral health, make sure they see the dentist regularly and help them brush and floss every day. If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, then you know how critical it is to remove gluten from your diet as soon as possible. If you’re unsure if you have celiac disease but are experiencing any of the symptoms we’ve talked about today, it’s important to see both your doctor and your Wilmington holistic dentist right away. The caring team at All About Smiles is here to help you get your health and your life back, one step at a time.

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