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How Helping Yourself Leads to Helping Others A Journey into Functional Medicine in Wilmington

added on: January 9, 2020
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As we begin a new year and another decade, the All About Smiles team thought it was a good idea to reflect on our very own Dr. Lewis Yu’s journey towards the path of functional medicine and holistic dentistry in Wilmington.

The idea stems from this recent article. You meet a vibrant chiropractor named Elena Villanueva. She once ran a successful brick-and-mortar practice up until last year when she decided to try an online business venture. She called it Modern Holistic Health, and it’s now a go-to resource to help people everywhere find holistic alternatives as solutions to their chronic conditions.

While her success is impressive, it’s the story and her journey of how she got there that brings us back to Dr. Yu and his connection to functional medicine and Wilmington holistic dentistry. Both Elena and Dr. Yu once struggled, like so many of us, with physical, mental, and emotional pain. It’s these underlying, personal, and persistent health issues that became the inspiration for Elena and your Wilmington holistic dentist, Dr. Yu.

Is Your Story Like This?

A solution. Something to finally fix the problems that have plagued you for years, decades, or maybe even your entire life. Perhaps you’ve been told there isn’t a way to make things right or bearable. Maybe you’ve just given up hope altogether that there’s a way to feel better. Dr. Yu struggled, too, just like you. His search for a viable, reasonable solution took him on a journey into the powerful world of functional medicine. What will your story be?

Dr. Yu spent days and nights trying to live with chronic discomfort and health issues. He found himself searching for a way to live a life that’s more productive and healthy. Instead of living minimally, he opted for optimally. He was exhausted from seeing doctor after doctor only to hear that there wasn’t really anything wrong with him. (Sound familiar?) It wasn’t until he met with an integrative practitioner that Dr. Yu was shown the proper tools to learn how to change his lifestyle for total health and wellbeing.

How Does This Help You?

Just like Elena, Dr. Yu is all about taking the healthcare journey alongside is Wilmington holistic dentistry patients. While making his transformative lifestyle changes, Dr. Yu learned about:

  • How important it is to have raw foods in your diet
  • How enzymes genuinely affect our health
  • How vital it is to stay fit and active
  • How to add supplements to increase our vitality and wellness

Learning all of this and feeling the effects, Dr. Yu says he knew one thing was for sure — he wanted to share his improved quality of life with his Wilmington friends and neighbors. The need was there, in himself, in our All About Smiles team, and our family of patients. It’s why we share the care.

Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Patience is essential when making changes on this scale. We learned this when integrating functional medicine into everything we do at All About Smiles. Here’s what we did to help you live a safer, healthier life:

  • Cleared away toxins by removing the mercury from our team’s teeth and equipping our office to safely remove even the slightest trace of mercury vapor during removal.
  • Stopped using fluoride and other materials that could be harmful to your system, choosing instead to rely on bioidentical materials to repair and protect teeth.
  • Started practicing holistic dentistry to ensure that all our services worked in harmony with the body.
  • Researched and developed a detoxification system for mercury and other harmful dental materials.
  • Started offering green smoothies to our staff members and patients to further the health of our patients. We also added a juicer to our kitchen so our patients could refresh themselves with a healthy dose of pure goodness.
  • Began cared for our patients’ spirits as well as their bodies by treating them with gentleness and respect and by turning our dental office into an oasis of calm.

Everything from simple to complex changes can have a profound impact on our lives and our environment. We want to help you become naturally healthy through non-invasive, comprehensive, holistic dental care in Wilmington. You deserve dental care that’s as good for your body as it is for your smile. Talk to us today to learn more about how Dr. Yu can help treat your issues with little interference with your body’s natural flow. We use the latest treatments and advanced technology to bring you an exceptional functional medicine experience right here in Wilmington.

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