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All About Smiles is All About Health

added on: December 5, 2016

How We Have Integrated Functional Medicine Into Our Dental Practice

Our dentists in Wilmington have always striven to be the leaders in holistic dentistry and the best choice for anyone in the surrounding areas to receive health-centered dentistry. In fact, people have appreciated our care so much that they even travel from other states to experience our care. Now we are making it even better by integrating functional medicine into our practice.

Our journey into functional medicine began with our own personal health issues. We felt that we were living minimally, when we really wanted to be living optimally!  Most of the doctors we saw in an attempt to become healthier told us there was nothing wrong with us. When we finally saw an integrative practitioner, we began to learn how to change our lifestyles for total health and optimal living. We learned about the importance of adding raw foods to our diet, how enzymes affect our health, the importance of staying fit and active, and how to add supplements to increase our vitality and wellness. It worked! In essence, we began to live more fully and abundantly.

It was something we simply could not keep to ourselves. We care too much about our Wilmington friends and neighbors to keep them in the dark. We began to see a real need, even in our own staff and we decided that All About Smiles was up to the challenge of making a change.

  • The first step was to clear away toxins by removing the mercury from our team’s teeth and equipping our office to safely remove even the slightest trace of mercury vapor during removal.
  • We stopped using fluoride and other materials that could be harmful to your system, choosing instead to rely on bioidentical materials to repair and protect teeth.
  • We began to practice holistic dentistry to ensure that all our services worked in harmony with the body.
  • We researched and developed a detoxification system for mercury and other harmful dental materials.
  • To further the health of our patients, we began offering green smoothies to our staff members and patients. We also added a juicer to our kitchen so our patients could refresh themselves with a healthy dose of pure goodness.
  • We cared for our patients’ spirits as well as their bodies by treating them with gentleness and respect and by turning our dental office into an oasis of calm.

Now we are expanding to include a full range of holistic and alternative medicine partners including chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, physical therapists, physical trainers, massage therapists, sleep centers, and a health coach. We can act as your health coordinators, setting up your appointments for you, receiving reports from our integrative medicine partners, and staying in constant communication with your entire health team.

Isn’t it time you stopped living a minimal life? Optimize yourself –  talk to us about our integrative holistic philosophy today and let us help make your first step on the path toward health easier and more convenient than you ever imagined it could be. Call us to learn more today.

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It all adds up to better health, smile, body, and spirit!