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All About Smiles and the Healthy Start® System(for Kids!) in Wilmington, DE

added on: August 4, 2023

As your Wilmington holistic dentist, we care about your body from the outside in, beyond teeth, and certainly starting early with children. That’s why we believe everyone deserves a healthy start.

Dr. Lewis Yu and Dr. Grace Liu have special training and provide access to something worth knowing about called the Healthy Start® System, in the comfort of their Wilmington dental office dedicated to a more mindful dental experience,

What is the Healthy Start® System? This system is simple. It’s:

  • Non-invasive      
  • Non-pharmaceutical
  • Pain-free

It helps to open your child’s airway and a new way of life thanks to a better way of sleeping and breathing. You can take the first step with your family dentist in Wilmington to give your loved ones the advanced dental care they deserve, backed by decades of dental and monumental success.

Healthy Start® can open your child’s airway and straighten teeth without ever needing braces or breathing machines. Backed by 54 years of research and millions of happier kids around the world, it’s something to consider for the health of your family and your budget.

How it Works at All About Smiles

You’ll work with our holistic dentists in Wilmington to begin your Healthy Start® System to straighten your teeth, avoiding the future costs of braces or other aligners. You get a series of custom, comfortable appliances you fit over your teeth to address sleep disordered breathing or sleep apnea. As it turns out, your smile and your breathing are closely related, especially in terms of physiological development in little ones of all ages.

It’s about addressing issues early so they can be solved more naturally.

Say Goodbye to Annoying Snoring and Mouth Breathing

As a parent, your child’s sleep might be consistently disrupted by snoring, tooth-damaging mouth breathing, asthma, and nightmares. The Healthy Start® System has a way of providing relief from these things using oral appliances that are created just for your child, and easily removed, yet completely durable enough to last to get the job done. Teeth are gently guided into a more desirable, healthy position for future growth and development — everywhere from their airway to their jaw.

Off to a Healthy Start® Consider this:

  • Does your child snore and/or can you hear them breathe?
  • Does your child wake up frequently at night or get really tired during the day?
  • Is your child hyperactive and/or do they have difficulty focusing?
  • Does your child grind their teeth?
  • Does your child have crooked teeth?

If you can answer yes to these questions, find out why All About Smiles in Wilmington recommends the Healthy Start® System for children with obstructed breathing and trouble sleeping. Call today! We’d love to meet you and your child to assess your needs depending on what their age and treatments will benefit both their oral and overall health.

Learn More About Your Dental Health with All About Smiles!

It all adds up to better health, smile, body, and spirit!